Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Design Team Favorites - Week 48

Hi All,

It's Holly here and I am trying to catch things up for Laura a bit, and will try to keep things more on schedule as time allows during this difficult time for Laura.

The first thing I want to say is thank you all, our Challenge players and Customers who have been so patient during this time, it's not an easy time for Laura with several family emergencies going on at the same time, two jobs and the store and blogs.  Plus, you know, she has a family.  So you can imagine that it must be something pretty big keeping her away right now.

Please remember for our end of the year challenge prize blitz for all of the Design Team favorite picks....If your project is chosen your name will be going into the end of the year drawing for the $100 gift voucher from our store and hopefully we will have some other fantastic prizes from our sponsors by then also! You will earn one entry per pick!

Thank you again to all who played along you really make it sooo hard to choose a favorite! Here are the ones that really stood out to our team...

Now I only have partial lists of the Design Team Favorites, but gosh darn it, I want to get these up and we can fill in wherever needed. 

Dangina I pick #63 Karen. L I love the pretty flowers and the simplicity of it. She makes me want to make them.

Shanna #35 Norma - Her coloring is wonderful and attention to detail is amazing.
Marcy #35 Norma-I loved her Spring card! Her design and colors were perfect & the flowers were so pretty!

Ivonne #28 Tracy MacDonald - I love every single detail of this card. The image is super cute, the coloring is AMAZING, the papers are gorgeous, the hearts banner, the flowers, the ribbon...everything, it is just stunning!

Athina # 24. Sanja Grdinić I love all the embellishments. This is truly a work of art!

Holly - Lucy Patrick #10, 11, 12, 13, 14, - Wow, five AMAZING cards! I loved them all.
Lydia -  13. Lucy Patrick beautifully coloured- perfectly captures the colours of spring !!!

We want to thank everyone for playing! You all did an amazing job! All of the design Team picks above your names will be entered into our drawing for the end of the year $100 gift voucher! Remember, you get one entry per choice, so if two members picked your card, you will earn 2 entries. Also....Please grab your Design Team Favorite Picks Badge on the right hand side of the page for your blogs

Thanks Again from the Design Team!



Lucy Patrick said...

Wow, thanks so much Holly for loving all my cards lol!!! I am so over the moon that you picked mine I am smiling away! I loved the other DT faves too and want to go check them out further so off I go, thanks again!! Hope all is well with Laura. XOX Lucy

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